Professional Body Piercings By Phil Temer

Hi. My name is Phil Temer; I am the Piercer/Manager at Talisman Body Art  in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I currently have 9 years of piercing experience, from basic ear lobe piercing to large gauge lobe piercing, navels, nostrils, ear cartilage, ear projects, and surface anchors. And, we offer scarification – all performed at Talisman Tattoo and Body Piercing.

I also have 12 years of retail/manager and jewelry experience, which has led me to my current position at Talisman Tattoo and Body Piercing.

My start in modification was when I was 17. That's when I got my first piercing; it was my tongue. I had a friend’s mom sign as my parent. My parents at that time said "no piercings or tattoos until you are 18 and out of our house". 2 weeks later my parents noticed that I had a piercing because I was playing with it and showing it to my cousin, and I had to remove it. Months later when I turned 18, I was back at the piercing shop getting my tongue pierced again legally. From there I got my first tattoo. That led to more tattoos. At the age of 21, I first got my ears pierced in Albuquerque NM. At that point I was hooked.

I started stretching my ear lobes as soon as they were healed. At first it was a contest with my little sister, but after devoting so much time to modifying my ears, I had my conch on both ears punched (where a piece of skin/cartilage is removed), piercings in my lip and septum, and piercings in my nipples and nostrils. I then took it further and had silicone implants inserted into my forehead.   In that time I was also introduced to the art of flesh hook suspensions, which I practiced regularly for about 6 years. This opened up new doors for me; I was able to be on 3 major television shows: Taboo on the National Geographic channel, a Documentary on the Discovery channel, and a little spot on Criss Angel’s show Mindfreak.

Now I'm ready to embark on new more complicated mods like scarification, flesh hook suspensions, and implants. Its gonna take time, money and patience to achieve my goals.  

You can find more piercing pictures @ and on Instagram @PhilTemer


  Jewelry below is NeoMetal 18g 2mm,2.5mm,3mm prong ends.

 Jewelry below is from Anatometal 14g barbell with (3) 16g threaded holes

 Jewelry below are Anatometal Surface Anchors with Industrial Strength 4mm threaded disks(navel done elsewhere)













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